Was I the First person to appropriate the term fake news?


Was I the first person to appropriate the term fake news?

What is Fake News.  Depending on what side of the aisle you are on this means different things.  To those of us who are on the right or identify as Libertarians the meaning is simple.  We realize the corporate media has an agenda and is constantly trying to program and condition their audience.

Many of use realize that whether it was CNN faking being in Saudi Arabia during the 1990 Persian Gulf War or the declassified CIA operation mockingbird, that much of the news we absorb has a bias to increase the deep states power, government and division among the populace.

After the election of Donald Trump, liberal snowflakes could not come to grips with the fact that they lost a rigged election.  Even with a Billion dollar war chest and all of the media against Donald Trump, it wasn’t enough to stop all of the independent journalists.

In a move very reminiscent of fascism, the left demanded their opposition be shut down.  One Ultra liberal professor, Melissa Zimdars, caught wind of the hysteria and took it upon herself to create her own “non-biased” list of fake websites.  Not surprisingly, it was a list of prominent conservative journalist.  Zimdar’s list can be found here, at the top of my original fake news list blog. This list was created on November 14, 2016.

Upon seeing this I immediately came back with my own list on November 17, 2016 as seen below.


Knowing that this was going to be used to shut down conservative free press, I immediately thought that “Fake News” was the perfect name I had been looking for to describe the mainstream media.  Now, the fact I put this list out probably had very little to do with the term being used in popular nomenclature but it meant that I was a part of the zeitgeist of knowing where the left’s next attack was going to come from.

Three days later on November 20th, I was at Ironman™ Arizona watching several friends compete.  From there I did a Facebook live and went on a live rant about fake news.

The human spirit / ironman

Posted by The Libertarian Advisor on Sunday, November 20, 2016


Again I’m not saying, the phrase took off because of me, as that credit goes to the man himself, Mr Donald Trump, but until I see proof otherwise, I may have been the first person to use the term Fake News as it is currently understood today for those of us who are right of Mao.

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