Feminists Get Owned by Trump Supporter on International Women’s day.

Last Wednesday I made way down to the capital to support Dr Ron Paul and HB2014 which would effectively legalize Gold and Silver as real money in Arizona by removing capital gains taxes.


For more analysis of HB2014, please check out this Zerohedge article by way of the 10th amendment center.



Little did I know,  this also happened to be International Women’s Day.  After having to pass by these hardcore feminist 4 times ( I forgot my book in the car to get signed by Dr Paul) I decided to strike up a conversation with one of the protestors.  Her sign, in not so pleasant terms, stated that the US Government pays for Viagara.  I pleaded ignorance to this and asked her what this meant.  She kept telling me to google it and after about 30 seconds chaos ensued.  After being told I had to leave, I started filming and below is 36 minutes of classic feminist brainwashing.   Aside from a cracked screen on my new iPhone 7, I walked away relatively unscathed.


Below is the women who I initially talked to and to the right is an Asian lady holding a similar sign that I found on the internet.






Highlights from  International Women’s Day


 Not a Single Feminist is against aborting 9 month old babies!



Full 36 minute raw footage




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