As a Libertarian, one of the most frustrating things I deal with on a daily basis is trying convince others to break out of their left right paradigm.  Like many people, I am an issues based guy, and it is very hard to label me as a liberal or conservative.  Unfortunately, most people do not realize that they are in the majority on this and do not need to accept the fake corporate news left right paradigm.  With the election of President- Elect Trump, the odds of people breaking out of their paradigm has never been higher. 

For others though, it means a further retrenching in their beliefs.  Many of these beliefs are the result of decades of indoctrination and conditioning by the likes of: public education, mass media and Hollywood. Mark Twain once famously wrote “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”. 

Today I am going to give my top 10 Least Liberal actions that have occurred under the Obama Regime.  To be fair… I can just as easily come up with a 10 top least conservative actions by the GOP leadership, but I will leave that for another day.  Besides… the fake corporate news does a pretty good job hammering the Republicans 24/7 and it’s been the Democrats who have been in power, which is why they are the focus of this piece.

Without further ado.

10. Cracking down on Medical Marijuana Facilities.

As a 2008 Graduate I had the experience of attending an ultra liberal school in NY during the primary’s but had graduated just in time to experience the last few months of the George W Bush administration.  I can tell you first hand the elation that many of my peers had at the thought of Obama being the first Black President.  Many thought he would legalize marijuana or at the very least reclassify from a schedule 1 drug.


The promise:  From Politico “ Back when he was running in 2008, Obama said he supported the “basic concept of using medical marijuana for the same purposes and with the same controls as other drugs” and that he was “not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws.”

The reality: According to Green Rush

– “Between 2009 and 2013, President Obama’s administration spent $100 million more cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries than George W. Bush’s did.”

-“Over the course of Obama’s first term as president, his administration spent nearly $300 million on marijuana enforcement in states where medical cannabis had already been legalized.”

– And who can forget that just last month the Obama Regime not only refused to reclassify cannabis but they also classified the non psychoactive CBD as a schedule 1 Drug as well.

9:  Operation Fast and Furious

Nothing quite says liberal like forcing gun store owners to knowingly sell fire arms to Mexican cartel members so they could grand stand when those same guns were used to kill innocent Americans.  One Senior ATF official , Special Agent John Dodson even noted “if you are going to make an omelette [sic], you need to scramble some eggs.” Agent Dodson was one of the first whistle blowers.

8. No bankers going to jail after 2008 and almost all of the income gains going to top 1%

Not only did no bankers go to jail but many of those who were most to blame for 2008 were given credit with saving the economy and given even greater power or positions.  We know from Wikileaks that Robert Rubin was advising Obama on his financial transition team.  Robert Rubin was the treasury secretary under Clinton who repealed the Glass-Steagall act, then went to work for the Citi Group where he earned over 100 Million for his “insight”. 

For more on Obama’s economy please check out my video from a few months ago  

7. Lack of Transparency

The Promise: We all remember 2008 campaign mode Obama where he promised to be “the most transparent President”

Reality:  According to the Daily Caller: “Federal officials said they couldn’t find any records for more than one in six, or nearly 130,000, Freedom of Information Act requests, setting a new record low, The Associated Press reported Friday.

“It seems like they’re doing the minimal amount of work they need to do,” Vice News investigative journalist Jason Leopold told AP. “I just don’t believe them. I really question the integrity of their search.”

6.  The War on the Press, Obama has tried more journalist and whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all other US President’s combined!

According to Politifact: “Including Ellsberg, the government has used the Espionage Act 10 times to prosecute government workers who shared classified information with journalists. If we push back to 1945, there is one more case. So of those 11, seven have taken place while Barack Obama has been president.”

5 NSA Spying

The promise:  In 2007 Obama said the following:  “I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our Constitution and our freedom. That means no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens. No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. No more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war. No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient,”

The Reality: The Snowden revelations reveled what many of us had already known.  Unfortunately many labeled Snowden a Traitor and just last week Obama granted the NSA even more power.  The Lame Duck decided to allow all of the NSA raw data to be shared amongst 15 different intelligence agencies. 

““Raw intelligence means that this pool of data is going to contain an extraordinary amount of sensitive information about people who have likely done nothing wrong.” – Gabe Rottman, deputy director of the Freedom, Security, and Technology Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology,

4. Executive orders / Signing Statements

– The Promise:  Obama was highly critical of George Bush’s use of Executive Actions.

-The Reality: Obama has played word games when it comes to executive orders.  Once you take into account Presidential signing orders and Memorandum than he actually had more Exectuive Orders than Bush 44. 

Also who can forget the time he said  “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone”

3. Funding the “moderate rebels” which then helped arm ISIS

The Promise: He was going to bring all of the troops home day 1 and he was admitedley against the 2nd amendment.

The Reality:  After appropriating $600M of arms to the “moderate rebels”  “only “five or six” rebels remained in combat after the first group was scattered by Al-Nusra terrorists”

At the end of the day Obama is for guns… as long as the guns are in the hands of “Moderate Rebels” or the US Government. 

2.  Murdering Ghaddafi to protect US and France Hedgemony and all of the associate Benghazi fallout.

-Yes Ghaddafi was not some angel cake who had done no wrong.  However, his real crime was trying to start an African currency based on gold.  This meant that the Western Powers wouldn’t be able to print money to buy Libyan resources but would have to buy Northern African resources using the African Dinar.  This was a move to strengthen the people of Northern Africa, so naturally the first black president couldn’t let that happen and we all know the rest. 

And who can forget: Benghazi…

For more on Ghaddafi check out my blog from last year.

Finally we have gotten to Obama’s least Liberal action of the past 8 years.

1. The Indefinite Detention act of the NDAA. 

While most Americans were ringing the new year in, the Obama regime quietly signed the the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA on DEC 31st 2011.

This was not your standard defense bill though.  Our nations first black president gave himself the power to “to arrest and detain people within the US and deny them access to courts, attorneys and more.  In short, this is little more than government-sanctioned kidnapping.” 


Nothing screams liberal more than government sanctioned kidnapping.  Then again the GOP aka the Conservatives just passed a budget which will add $9Trillion to the debt over the next 9 years! 

The culture must ultimately shift if we ever want true change.  One thing we can all do is to decentralize and take control over as many aspects of our own lives as possible. I am hopeful President Elect Trump can help soften the ground for a true liberty movement to take hold.  In the mean time it is great having a President who at least wants to #MAGA and isn’t a globalist and that is a great place to start.

Ps Please feel free to leave the plethora of #soliberal things I left off this list.   

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