After enduring a lifetime of seeing America’s future being pissed down the drain its time to Make America Great Again.  Below are some of the best pictures and video’s of liberals and tears.


Special snowflakes and social justice warriors who supported Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton literally cried when they learned of Republican President elect Donald Trump’s triumphant victory.
liberal-tears526liberal-tears252Following a massive loss to Trump, Hillary Clinton refused to give a concession speech, instead sending out campaign manager John Podesta to tell supporters eagerly waiting her to go home.

Credit Zerohedge:

It was supposed to be a night of joy, celebrations and breaking “glass ceilings.” It is now nothing short of tragedy.

despite a palpable buzz in the air at the start of the evening, the crowd grew quiet as the swing states of North Carolina and Florida went to the Republican presidential nominee. Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin all look as though they could swing for Trump, as well. Pardon, president Trump.

“I feel nauseous,” one top campaign official for Clinton told People before slipping behind a black curtain beyond which reporters were barred.


  1. Alex

    Well all I can say is the truth hurts sometimes and when you throw your support behind a lying, manipulative, self indulging POS, you lose the election. Despite what the main stream media wants you to believe, her loss had nothing to do with her being a women. It had to do with the fact she is a crook and America saw right through her. Too bad you didn’t post all the other wonderful Hillary supporters out there who are beating up elderly people and school kids for having a different opinion. Or rioting and burning peoples care. And this is the America they wanted. What hypocrites

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