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Anyone who is right of Mao, on social media knows first hand the Gestapo tactics they have taken when it comes to censoring conservative media.   They are all for diversity except for diversity of opinion.

Well, one Trump supporter had enough of the established social media’s censorship tactics, so he did what anyone would do and created his own platform.   That’s right @torbahax Aka the Gabfather AKA Andrew Torba took matters into his own hands and started his own media platform:GAB.AI



Since it’s launch in mid August… only a few days before I created myfacebook page, Gab.Ai has already attracted more people than it can currently handle.  After tweeting to Andrew Torba I was graciously able to instantly get on the platform.  I signed up 1.5 weeks ago after my own Facebook incident.  I’m a little jealous it took me 2 months after creating my page to get kicked off and it took Andrew less than a month to get suspended for posting a Milo video.

The site has already attracted Free Speech activists Mike Cernovich as well as Stefan Molyneux and Milo Yiannopoulos.

As Andrew Correctly points out in his Periscope broadcast “The Exodus will be real..people are not going to forget what happens… these brands are doing irreparable damage to their brand and there is no way that people are going to forget that they were censored or they were shut up…”

As I start to feel my way around GAB.AI I will post updates.  As it stands this feels like a true alternative to Social Media Oppression for those of us right of MAO have felt.  Keep in mind this site is only a couple months old and just like my site… there is a lot of things I want to do but everything takes time and money.  While all the mission critical functions are there, expect major updates to be made in the very near future.  In the mean time get in line for Gab.AI today and odds are many of those features will be live by the time your activated.   Remember that  the best way to fight censorship is to vote with dollars which means getting off platforms that censor.

For Andrew’s full Periscope please see below and be sure to follow me at: Truepatriotblog

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