Is anyone else out there befuddled where you here comments that Trump can’t be trusted with Nuclear bombs?  I know I can’t take it anymore so I made a video that completely shoots this notion down.  It’s important to realize that anyone who thinks Trump is the bigger danger is not only misinformed but their lack of knowledge is very dangerous and could lead to WW3.


  1. Alex

    Saw an interesting article on how Goldman Sachs is putting their two cents into the election saying dont expect a Brexit victory for Trump. Interesting how a bank would be talking politics. Lets see why:

    Wall Street is heavily invested in a Clinton victory.

    Securities and investment firms have poured nearly $65 million into her campaign coffers, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Goldman Sachs employees have donated $284,816 to Clinton and just $3,641 to Trump, who has received $716,407 from Wall Street.

    That sums it up. So every time you hear a democrat like Hillary talk about how the republican party is about Wall Street and protecting the rich, think again!!! The proof is in the pudding. Hillary gets paid huge amounts of money to talk to Wall Street bankers and then they go and contribute millions to her campaign. Then they say she will be President? Man we have stupid people in our country who drink the Kool-Aid.

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